My "Mate" Called Me A "Fat Bastard"...

Aussie Blokes Are Like That.

But Finally, He Grudgingly Congratulated Me!

The story of how I finally lost 32 kilograms (70 lb) after 10 years of hopeless effort

My Keto Story

Hi, my name is Mathias (Mat) Nagy. I promise you, this picture is not some model I'm using to sell my message. It's me. The actual guy who got this webpage in front of you.

I started writing this page when I finally hit my 30 kg weight-loss goal. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! I proved that major weight loss without additional exercise was possible and even easy.

The picture shows me today. I'm wearing the newly "upsized" pair of pants that I found myself hating five months ago. They pushed me over the edge and motivated me to lose all my excess weight, once and for all.

I guess it's no surprise that I now feel great. Today I'm at 32 kg total with no extra exercise, the equivalent of two large sacks of potatoes. Last week I picked up two sacks at the local supermarket and was surprised at how heavy they are!

For over 10 years now I never thought I could do this. Especially by diet alone. I thought I'd at least have to exercise regularly. I don't hate many things, but exercise "without a purpose" as I call it, is one of them. I have an active mind and love being productive. That's why exercise seems like "dead time" to me and I avoid it as much as possible.

For years before my success, my weight had refused leave me. For a while there I went to a gym and I did lose some weight, but I got bored with it when my gym partner stopped coming along. I gave up and the weight came back.

The usual diet of "eat light and healthy" seemed to do nothing for me. All it did was keep me at a steady weight. Seeing little change in my weight, I'd go back to eating the meat, rice and pasta meals that I love so much... and add a little more weight.

I've tried diets before that allowed for my favourite foods. I found them tough to stick to because the portion sizes were so small. It didn't help that I love eating, especially a big meal at the end of the day (maybe two - I often had a second helping before bed!).

Eventually, I just got used to being overweight.

Even though I hate exercise, I did try the gym, walking and even cycling over the years. But these were boring activities to me, so eventually I quit them every time. It also didn't help when something like this happens...

How's this for a story. The FIRST DAY I decided to start walking around my new home town, I "power-walked" to a store at the top of town. It was a hot day. As I entered the store I was sweating and breathing heavy. The customers and staff looked a little worried by my "condition" and asked if I was OK. I said yes, I was just exercising.

Eventually, I left the store. As I was walking down the road, a young couple who was in the store stopped and offered me a lift because they thought I might be "in trouble"! They were genuinely concerned for my health, bless 'em.

I admit, I gave up power-walking that day. It was embarrassing to say the least. I was a strong man under my fat, with good blood pressure. An active 120/80 was surprisingly good for a man of my size.

It's just that my excessive body fat was an "organic cosmetic fail". I just couldn't shift the fat easily, without turning the whole process into a huge, tedious, time-consuming effort.

In March 2017 I bought the new, upsized pair of pants you saw in the picture above. Realising how big they were, I suddenly got angry. I finally had enough.

Seeing an even bigger me in the mirror finally hit all my buttons. It was the trigger that made me want to take the "massive action" that would either make or break me. I swore I was never going to buy bigger pants again!

Over the years I studied (and applied) a lot of "easy" diets. After considering them all again, I knew in my heart that there was only one that would definitely work - the Ketogenic diet. Actually, it's more than a mere diet, many people call it a lifestyle based around a body process that keeps you slim. I agree.

the Ketogenic diet is an "under the radar" diet, because it was originally created in the 1920's to treat children with epilepsy. Since then it's been tested on healthy (but overweight) people and proven to be so effective, it's become a miracle of modern science.

The main reason I failed with this diet in the past is because I love carb-rich foods - bread, rice, pasta and big meals. But on this day I swore I'd give them up for as long as I had to. I'd do what it takes to get back to a healthy weight.

Wondering how much I wanted to lose, I eventually committed myself to getting back to the weight that I was when I was 18 years old.

At 18, I rode my pushbike over five kilometres a day to various friend's houses. All that riding was extra hard work because I lived in a hilly area. I also weight-lifted with friends at the local PCYC two or three times a week. I was pretty fit and slim.

Of course, it's natural to get bigger as we get older. For me, getting back to my 18 year-old weight meant losing 30 kilograms! It seemed like a major effort, but I wasn't going to cheat this time. I couldn't, I knew the process of Ketosis would stop if I ate my preferred carb-loaded foods. I was committed to losing weight, no matter what.

Me sucking in my gut a few years ago - big, and getting bigger.

But... I procrastinated at first. I thought I discovered a better short-cut called the Potato Only diet (yes... really!). I gave it a try because I loved potato chips. If this could work, I'd have found a weight-loss method based on my favourite snack food!

This diet did work a bit, but it didn't provide the massive weight loss I needed. I only lost around 4 kg over a month before a large weight surge had me dazed and confused. Next!

With the Potato Only diet a fail, I finally re-committed to the only diet I knew that would work, Keto.

I chose the Ketogenic (Keto) diet because I had studied it at length. Keto had "no choice" but to work as it was based on an amazing scientific principle called Ketosis, where the body is forced to consume its own fat for energy rather than food-based carbs. This means I could lose weight without additional exercise, which was just fine for me.

So many "big people" sung Keto's praises all over the internet. The consensus was that losing any amount of weight with Keto was almost effortless.

I guess I avoided Keto for as long as possible because a lot of foods I loved had to be put on hold. But whatever, now was time to just do it. It had to be the diet to work for me. And it did.

To begin with, some planning effort was be required to make Keto diet work. So I got on the internet and spent a lot of hours studying everything I could about applying the diet. I did a lot of time consuming research, some of which was distracting and frustrating. But I got there in the end.

It was worth it. Look at me now! 32 kilograms lighter, an expert in what I need to do to stay slim and loving every minute of it! I even cracked another new low weight today.

Me today, lookin' good!

Now I guess you could do your own research and find the common and secret tricks of Keto like I did, but I don't recommend it. I eventually ate a base diet of only 4 or 5 foods, because they were the most effective Keto foods I could find (and I was a lazy cook). Yet even this Spartan lifestyle worked. I ate more than I expected I could and still recorded big losses on my digital scales EVERY DAY. I loved it! I was amazed at how quickly the weight melted off.

If I could do my time again, I would just read The Ketosis Cookbook package and apply the meal plan. All that research and boring food I lived on for five months could have been easily replaced with so many tasty meals instead... including desserts... something I really missed. But thanks to finding this product, I'm now enjoying them all and still losing weight!

If you want (or need) to try the Ketogenic diet, I fully recommend The Ketosis Cookbook package. It provides you with everything you need to make the journey towards life-long weight loss enjoyable.

The Ketosis Cookbook comes with three cookbooks that gives you a massive collection of super tasty meals. The slow cooker recipes are my favourite because they are so easy. Many of the high carb foods you love now can be done Keto style, including bread. This is a recipe book collection you will use for life.

The package also includes a bonus ebook that explains the Ketogenic diet in detail. It explains why you eat these foods offers other details about the diet. The package also provides a 12 week meal plan to make it all fun.

With so many easy Keto recipes at your disposal, this really is the easiest and tastiest way to lose weight without extra exercise. I know - I did it!

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While the Keto diet as explained in The Ketosis Cookbook is good, I have improved it based on my own research. In my "Keto Diet Cheat-Sheet" I have made it easy to plan your Keto journey from day one. It details the tricks I used to tweak standard Keto and make it work fast for me.

Probably the most important tip I reveal is a secret I discovered from a doctor. His amazing advice was buried in the comments of a weight-loss forum. That one idea made sure the Keto diet would work quickly for me.

Another useful section in the ebook involves what I call "Step 0" - how to mentally (and physically) prepare for the requirements of the Keto diet even before you start it.

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While I don't like exercise, I'm not a lazy person. I'm a thinker, an engineer. I happily use my mind from sun-up to sun-down (and sometimes to sun-up again). My passions are design and technology, which is why I often neglect my body.

Yet now that I've had so much success with losing weight, my next goal is to join the stripper troupe, ManPower Australia. Haha just kidding! No, I've put in another huge effort into researching the best exercise system that will not only get me fit and strong for life, but do so at speed with minimum complexity and effort. Basically, I wanted an exercise system that is super effective and super convenient, or else I know I'll give up!

I believe I've found a product that fits my requirements. It's called "Old School New Body" and I'm going to start it (with due diligence and commitment) in the new year.

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Wish me luck! I wish you the best of success, too. If I can do it, so can you. Keto works. The new you is in for a lot of changes and pleasant surprises. My detailed Keto Cheat-Sheet is free so no excuses, just do it!

Wishing you every success,

Mathias Nagy

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Fair warning - a few comments may be a little salty 🙂